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Individual Life Transforming Therapeutic Retreats

Now you can have the emotional breakthrough that you need in your life

Don't make the mistake of thinking that the only way to improve your marriage is to get into marriage counselling.  Individual therapy can help as well.  As the song says, "take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently."

If you don't get your own root issues dealt with, you may regret in later.

Stop letting your past block your marital love, bonding and connection.  Book an individual retreat and see how easily you can improve life around you.  Others respond differently when your inner being is more positive, healthy and loving. 

It seems unfair but by some divine law painful memories attract more pain, negative core beliefs attract more events like the ones that caused them and negative expectation tend to be fulfilled.  Pain that we had creates pain in our heart attracts a life that is a pain in the butt. Do you want to stay in this vicious cycle?

The only ways I know of are God's grace in your life, long term counselling to deal at length with core beliefs or the shorter route of core prayer therapy using some form of listening prayer therapy - in my practice called "Life Transformation Therapy."

I suggest an Christian individual therapy retreat when you know that individual issues are undermining your efforts to make your life and marraige better.

Details re: Christian Individual Retreat

  • It is for one person,

  • At a time good for you,

  •  Fee of $100 per hour of therapy,

  •   Facility options include my office.

  •   You choose the number of days. 

  •   A full day is 6 hours of therapy.

Purpose of an Individual Therapy Retreat is to move from:

  • emptiness to fresh growth,

  • dying to resurrection,

  • confusion to clarity,

  • shame to a right to live,

  • traumatic stress to healing.

Content of Personal Therapeutic Retreat

  • Establish goals of the retreat

  • Share current issues and history

  • Recognize life patterns

  • Intervene with life transforming therapy

  • Spend refreshing time with Jesus

  • Practice new identity

  • Learn how to apply new skills

(See: Christian Marriage Retreats for retreats with couple therapy.)


Get rid of your problem once and for all

The prime purpose of your personal retreat is to target, with God's help, the most significant problem areas.  Then through a healing encounter with God achieve emotional healing and life transformation.

Wendy was surprised "that I could have an encounter with God so easily and that He was so willing to heal me right then, right there."

Give me 2 to 4 days and see your life transformed

In a therapeutic retreat you receive from 12 to 24 hours of therapy. Concentrated therapeutic time with little interference accomplishes much more than spaced sessions.

"In my childhood I was often neglected, abandoned and rejected. George helped me to understand the root of family issues after one session. He uncovered core issues that were holding me back as an adult and has given me the emotional and spiritual support to rise above the abandonment and rejection I went through as a child."
Katherine, Toronto

Discover the beautiful person inside - who God created you to be.

My therapy practice focusses on identity issues because these are fundamental to all that we feel and do.  My skills facilitate the transformation of the old personality patterns into the new healthy freedom of our identity in Christ.

"George – Thank You. You have brought hope and life to me and to so many in our fellowship through your teaching and prayer ministry. The possibility of discovering our God-given identity through this life transformation ministry is exciting and I look forward to hearing Jesus speak more truth into my life and the lives of others, so we can live in the freedom Jesus intends."  Lindy, Steventon, Scotland

Are you always self-critical?

Many people who became responsible in childhood - supporting a parent emotionally, keeping their family together, keeping the peace, caring for syblings - these people don't take care of themselves.  They become serious children and adults without joy. In their head they live with an inner judge.  This needs to change.

"I've never developed compasion for myself before. I learned how to do it and actually do it. I am healing a little girl in a woman's body." Tish (client testimonies)

Your exclusive sessions with George Hartwell M.Sc.

George is a Life Transformation Therapist and the originator of a school of Listening Prayer Therapy. George holds a Masters degree and has over 30 years of clinical experience.

  1. 30 years of clinical experience that means things get dealt with quickly and accurately, more gets done in less time, sessions are interesting and relevant and more gets accomplished than one imagines is possible.

  2. Master's Degree Qualifications provides confidence that you are working with a professional - Mr. Hartwell holds Masters of Science degree is in Clinical Psychology from the University of Calgary.

  3. George's Training in a variety of modalities - Reality Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Psychodrama, family therapy, group therapypsychological assessment, Christian counselling and inner healing - means that your issues are dealt with, your questions answered and insights offered that are clear and helpful.

  4. Life experience means that your therapist has understanding and empathy from the point of view of someone has been in painful experiences too. This means that Mr. Hartwell does not think he is perfect or has all the answers or that life is going to be without crisis.

  5. George's Board of Reference includes professionals and lay people, men and women, all who know him. This is another level of assurance of professional quality care and professional standards backed by very real accounatability. Complaints or problems can be reported to these people.

  6. Testimonies of my professional services indicate that people find retreats exceed their expectations and that people in therapy are often amazed or pleasantly surprised with the effectiveness of Listening Prayer Therapy.

The Cost of your Christian marriage or individual retreat

The fee scale is $100 (Canadian) per hour.  Depending on your needs a personal retreat may be for 12 to 30 hours of therapy.  A non-refundable deposit for 1/3 (one third) of the therapy hours is required to book your retreat.

Arranging your individual retreat

Phone or  E-mail me for specifics and to make your plans.

George Hartwell (416) 234-1850 (Toronto, Ontario) or (877) 854-3990 (United States or Canada).

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American clients welcome.

You can drive to Toronto from Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Niagara Falls,New York, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Toledo, Ohio, Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A. In Ontario we are accessible from Windsor, London, Brantford, Kitchener, Hamilton, Burlington, Oshawa, Belleville, Peterborough, Sudbury.  YOu can also fly in to Toronto landing in at Pearson International Airport (YYZ).  Contact me for Hotels or Motels that are suitable in terms of location, costs, etc.

Privacy Policy:

Your personal information is kept confidential in accordance with professional codes of counselling ethics.

I don't talk to others about your sessions with anyone else with the following exceptions:

1)  Professional supervision - professionals may be given some details to improve service,

2) Children at risk of abuse or neglect - by law they must be protected,

3)  A person's life is in danger, 

4)  The requirements of the justice system - eg, a court order,

E-mail addresses will not be given/sold to any other party,

 your testimony or other material is only used with your permission,

full names will not be used accept for professionals and others who have been or on my Board of Reference.

George Hartwell is a Christian counselor who provides: Christian counseling personal therapy retreats for individuals and Christian marriage counselling intensive retreat and couple retreats.  George's therapeutic retreats are for individual and couple work and are not the same as a marraige weekend for groups.

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