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Listening Prayer Therapy - Here is a method that helps you find inner and emotional healing

Find inner and emotional healing through Listening Prayer Therapy and you will find hope and positive energy in your life.

Listening Prayer Therapy is able to transform lives that have been ravaged by:

Inner and Emotional Healing is Quick:

Emotional healing using "Listening Prayer Therapy" enable's therapeutic work to proceed quickly. You achieve your goals with less painful process, less hours of your life and with less total cost. People are shocked, or at least pleasantly surprised by how much is accomplished in so little time. Comments such as: "As our week on retreat progressed, we were amazed at the ease and speed at which we found ourselves being healed of strongholds and root issues" are not unusual.

Emotional Healing gets at Core Issues:

The hope of short term, insight and skills based counselling is to provide client satisfaction by focussing on specific problems and learning practical things to do about the specific problem.  Generally the counsellor is in charge helping to discover and diagnose the problem and then to plan treatment.  Small steps are taken at each oppointment.  These steps can change the tone and atmosphere of a relationship, give hope and a sense of moving forward. 

The healing model of therapy is different and hopes to resolve issues rooted in early experience.  Rather than focussing on  the immediate problems the therapy moves to the root causes of the problems.  The therapists sincerely believes that dealing effectively with the root issue is the best use of the therapeutic session; that changes are more significant and longer lasting.

Some psychological therapies break from the insight and skill based solving of problems and focus on core issues.  I am thinking of, so called, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  The therapist here focusses on beliefs rather than solving immediate problems.  This approach has been shown by research to be one of the most effective forms of therapy.

Some forms of inner and emotional therapy are also 'short term.'  In my esperience the use of prayer therapy to focus on core beliefs is also a profoundly effective approach to life change.

I have seen Listening Prayer Therapy deal rapidly and effectively with:

  • core beliefs,

  • identity issues,
  • significant memories of trauma or abuse,
  • deliverance from alcohol and other bondages,
  • freeing and nurturing the inner child.

My Inner Healing Principles

The following are some of the methods and principles that I use:

  1. God's presence is key to all healing and life transformation so always open in prayer inviting God's presence. (Learned from Leanne Payne who would have us always practice the presence of God.)

  2. God inhabits the praises of his people so do not begin sessions addressing Satan, binding or commanding demons. (Learned from Judson Cornwall who found out that demons are attracted to the attention they get from our prayers against them.)
  3. Draw near to God. Avoid so-called 'spiritual warfare' type prayer that binds principalities or powers of the air or territorial spirits. This is a form of witchcraft prayer. Repent of any and all such practices. (Made clear in John Paul Jackson's book: "Needless Casualties of War.")
  4. Avoid labels and diagnostics including getting entangled in the issues around multiple personalities, DID, etc. Jesus can handle this. I prefer not to let Him do it and not me.
  5. At times it helps to focus our question to God. Develop a simple root issue question to guide listening to God. (Learned from John Regier's who says that God can bring to mind a scripture, song or picture in response to a simple core question. He expects a picture story when dealing with very early memories from our younger years when words have less meaning.)
  6. Let the Holy Spirit guide. The Listening Prayer Therapist learns how to focus a problem on a feeling and asking the Holy Spirit to lead to the root memories connected with that feeling. Pray and take time to listen for  God's guidance during a session. I assume the memory that comes to mind after such prayer is relevant to this person even if it does not make immediate sense.
  7. Freedom from bondage through Truth Encounters: avoid deliverance through power encounter and personal authority. Neil Anderson teaches: that an encounter with Jesus' truth is an effective deliverance method. I make use of Jesus' life, presence and cutting of spiritual ties for deliverance from darkness.
  8. JESUS ENCOUNTER: I bring inner healing and personal transformation through an encounter with Jesus - the Way, the Truth and the Life. The healing we need is in God; the therapist provides the process or way to God's healing presence.
  9. CORE BELIEFS: From Ed Smith's TheoPhostic process and Art Zielstra's Prayer Counselling, I learned the method of following the feeling to the memory; finding the core beliefs in the memory and asking for Jesus' truth to overcome the unhealthy core belief.
  10. NEW IDENTITY: The core beliefs - sometimes learned in pain, trauma and dysfunction define our negative identity and self-image. With healing of core beliefs a positive identity emerges. Practice, name and reinforce this new identity.
  11. MARRIAGE TRANSFORMATION: Like John Regier, I find that core belief healing and transformational inner healing establishing a new identity is necessary to restore and transform a couple's relationship. Like John Regier, I include a minimum of 10 sessions in a marriage retreat.

Why a Life Transformation Retreat?

Why do inner healing on a retreat? A retreat enhances the impact of Inner Healing by reducing distractions, removing you from your normal routine, lifting responsibilities off your mind, heart and soul. This gives you the energy to focus and accomplish more emotional work than would be accomplished in the same number of sessions over several months.

Inner Healing Benefits Summary:

Just for fun, let these penguins demonstrate the benefits of inner healing. Inner healing:

  • Brings mental, emotional and spiritual health.

healthy relationships from inner healing Ontario retreat

  • Produces results with speed.

  • Goes deep.

deep inner healing at Ontario retreat

  • Produces results that are stable.

  • Brings peace with God.

penguin watches sunset on Ontario retreat

  • Increases one's intuition.

  • Brings comfort to the broken hearted.

penguin comfort at an inner healing Ontario retreat

  • Reduces stress and anxiety, leaving one more secure and confident.

Ontario retreat - inner healing teaches to release

  • Teaches one to release things - to 'let go and let God.'

Testimonies about inner healing:

"You've changed. You are softer; more agreeable. You are more soft spoken. But that is not really you." Husband (still a little skeptical)

Wendy wrote to me:
    "I had struggled for years with these feelings:  vagueness, confusion, misunderstanding, anger, sadness and insecurity to name but a few.  I guess I was surprised that I could have an encounter with God so easily and that He was so willing to heal me right then, right there.
   "I realize now that I had an incomplete understanding of God and who He was and looking back, a great deal of unbelief about what God could do and wanted to do.
   "I believe George's faith has been and is instrumental in Listening Prayer Therapy.  It is he who guided me and instructed me in how to listen to God and to have the same faith in what I was experiencing.
   "I always thank God for George and how he has helped me and my family.  He is able to lead me through my confusion and distractions to an encounter with the Living God in whom there is abundant life and healing!  Praise God!" 

Why is Inner Healing Effective?

I believe that some of the effectiveness of Listening Prayer Therapy is based on the following:

  1. CORE BELIEFS:  Listening Prayer Therapy focuses on the cognitive component of significant root memories. Counselling research is clear - therapies that deal directly with the beliefs that underlie behavior are the most effective. God's healing goes to the heart (unconscious mind) while self change depends on the conscious mind.

  2. TOUCH the HEART by using the IMAGINATION:             Listening Prayer Therapy works at the heart level not just the head level. We always add an encounter with God, an experience or God to our prayers to God. Prayer involving the imagination, like Jesus' parables and children's stories, touch the heart.

  3. GOD'S EFFECTIVE WORD: In listening Prayer Therapy makes use of God's word spoken to me. This is the living and effective Word spoken of in Hebrews 4:12. We don't just speak to God in prayer; we listen for God's word to us.

  4. HOLY SPIRIT GUIDANCE: God guides the process so that we are lead to focus on those memories whose healing will impact many other memories. To human wisdom and experience, add divine guidance.

  5. NEW HEART, NEW SPIRIT:  Time after time we find that an encounter with God brings about a whole new heart, new spirit, a new attitude. For example, when dealing with abuse and core beliefs are replaced with God's truth, there will be a spontaneous new attitude toward the abuser. Understanding and compassion replaces bitterness and fear. This is one fulfillment of the Biblical promise a new heart and a new spirit in Ezekiel 36:26.

  6. IDENTITY IS THE CORE:  The great benefit in dealing with core beliefs and new attitudes is that these are the foundation of one's identity. Bring wholeness to someone's identity and self-concept and everything else in their life, personality and behaviour will be effected. I find that clients gain personal security and a stronger sense of identity.  as they develop this strong secure bond with God.

  7. A POSITIVE CYCLE:  One thing that sustains these positive changes is that others will respond positively to positive changes in us. This makes our life happier and we are more likely to be stay positive in our attitudes, expectations and behaviour. My experience at Agape Christian Counselling and with Inner Healing Retreats is that clients feel more comfortable with God. They learn to listen to God and develop a strong secure bond with God which provides core security.

complete inner healing is permanent healing

   'God's very word spoken to us' is very thorough and complete in removing and replacing old belief patterns. There are no hidden roots that spring up later like the severed root of a dandelion living to bloom another season.




Biblical Basis of Inner Healing through Listening Prayer Therapy

The Biblical basis of Listening Prayer Therapy would include the following Bible references:

  1. "This is my own dear Son - listen to him!" In Mark 9:7 the Father gives orders to three of Jesus' disciples. The command to listen to Jesus" is fundamental to all Christian counselling and Christian prayer counseling.

  2. "My sheep listen to my voice." Jesus speaks of his true followers as those who listen to his voice. Followers must learn to listen to Jesus. Listening to Jesus is foundational to "Listening Prayer Therapy."

  3. "I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into his house and eat with him, and he will eat with me." In Revelation 3:20 Jesus speaks to us about listening to him and then introduces an image - something that speaks to our imagination. In listening Prayer therapy we respond to Jesus words with our "Yes" both with listening and in opening our imaginations to him.

  4. The Bible speaks of our inner minds ability to see. Paul spoke of the 'eyes of your understanding' - Ephesians 1:18. Jesus said: "the Son does nothing on his own; he only does what he sees his Father doing." It is remarkable that Jesus said his relationship of submission and obedience to his Father depended upon his "seeing" what his Father was doing.

Leanne Payne's writings

    provide a foundation to Inner Healing and Listening Prayer - practicing the Presence of Christ.

    Leanne Payne, of Pastoral Care Ministries, learned to practice the presence of God as the way toward healing. She says: "I was learning to see the invisible with the eyes of my heart, to hear the inaudible with the ears of my hears. In other words, I had come to rely on God's Healing Presence with His people." (The Healing Presence, page xv)

    Those who follow her lead develop deep confidence in God's faithfulness to speak to us when we ask Him to and we listen. God will speak in story and image when that is how we need to receive. God is faithful to heal and set us free when that is what we want and what we ask. Therapists who practice the listening process become skilled in finding ways to encounter the 'God Who Heals' in the way that is appropriate for each one.

    Christ-centered marital counsellor and prayer therapist resolves problems in your marriage at an inner healing retreat. Let God's Holy Spirit heal your life at inner freedom retreats. Learn self-help counseling prayers from our marriage counselor. See: Agape Christian Counselling, Toronto, Ontario.

    Practicing the Presence of Christ (not the demonic)

    In Listening Prayer Therapy the focus is Christ not demons. My mentors, John and Paula Sandford, avoided focusing on the demonic. I am following this is a good pattern.

     Leanne Payne warned against binding principalities - a practice that it is wise to avoid like the plague. See the book review in her latest newsletter re a misguided focus on the demonic. Read John Paul Jackson's book: "Needless Casualties of War."

    She says: "For the last three decades we in PCM have had to deal with the extraordinarily grievous effects that misguided practices of spiritual warfare have had upon Christian leaders, communities, and families, and most particularly upon children growing up in homes where an all-consuming focus on the demonic has crippled the formation of their minds and imaginations. To see evangelical leaders such as C. Peter Wagner and others dress up these unscriptural ideas and methods in pseudo-technical language and then give to them a universal platform has been and continues to be for us among the gravest of concerns. (We need to) call for nothing less than a return to a Christian worldview, and to the wisdom and knowledge that come with the empowering of the Holy Spirit."


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